Designed and Finely handcrafted by Samantha Gradoville

From first sketch to final polish, Samantha infuses love and intention into every piece she creates. She takes pleasure in the process and handcrafts each piece to be one of a kind and uniquely its own. Samvara is more than just a piece of jewelry. It is a heartfelt expression of Samantha’s soul and a future heirloom to last forever.

"Samvara is truly my soul's expression. With each piece I create, it's like a different facet of my soul is revealed. My intention is to create jewelry that has a unique story and a true presence. I always keep this intention close to my heart and allow my hands to translate that message of love into my creations." - Samantha Gradoville
Samantha’s love story with beautiful things started well before her journey into jewelry design. She is an accomplished model and herbalist as well. Her career in fashion began in 2008 when she moved out of her Nebraskan hometown in search of adventure and a deeper understanding of life. Samantha traveled the world and collaborated with some of the most prestigious names in the fashion industry. She has been featured in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Numero, and many others. With a career that spans over a decade, Samantha has also acted as muse for many of the designer greats like Prada, Chanel and Versace to name a few.

“I became so inspired by all of the beauty around me that I knew I wanted to create jewelry of my own. Jewelry that had never been seen before, made by my hands, and inspired by my travels and experiences.” - Samantha Gradoville
Samantha began her artisan journey into goldsmithing in 2016. What at first began as a passion for creating unique pieces for herself and friends evolved into a calling to create these pieces for others too. In the years since, her knowledge and skill have grown to match her love for the art and Samvara came to be how Samantha would share that love with the world.

“Goldsmithing is a never ending journey of knowledge and creative expression. I am so grateful to be able to express myself through jewelry and share my art with others. I believe that we are all spiritually connected, and this is my way of manifesting that connection.” - Samantha Gradoville